Maile’s Bill List

I have introduced several bills this year in response to issues raised at community meetings or by concerned individuals. During the 2009 Session, I will serve as Vice-Chair of the Hawaiian Affairs Committee. To deal with our district’s diverse concerns, I will have input as a member of four other committees: Health, Human Services, Education, & Higher Education. Here are my bills, along with others I will be supporting:

. HB 1640, my Capital Improvements (CIP) Bill requests funds for all 6 Wai’anae & Makaha schools for air conditioning, building expansion, & new construction; it also provides funds to acquire land & build at Leeward Community College/Wai’anae
. HB 828 (SB 1295) makes public housing affordable in perpetuity
. HB 351 (SB 1294) provides funds to repair and renovate public housing
Health and Human Services
. HB 1366 (SB 1310) establishes a Medical Home Demonstration Project for Wai’anae
Comprehensive Community Health Center (WCCHC)
. HB 1641 (SB 1309) provides $332,000 for WCCHC Emergency services
. HB 171 (SB 1040) bans smoking at public beaches and recreational areas
. HB 1642 (SB 1191) allows only licensed providers to submit proposals for purchases
of health and human services
. HB 1643 (SB 812) bans Medicaid coverage of non-therapeutic infant circumcision
. HB 1358 (SB 1293) bans use of styrofoam containers by food vendors
. HB 1357 (SB 1292) requires retailers to use alternatives to plastic bags
. HB 1367 (SB 1244) creates a commission to coordinate state’s solid waste plans
. HB 641 requires DLNR to identify, publicize, & enforce public access to beaches
Ocean Resources
. HB 191 & 543 (SB 274) enhances regulation of aquarium aquatic life collection
. SB 90 regulates commercial activities in government & private boating facilities
. HB 1841 prohibits sale of lands in public lands trust (Ceded Lands) to private entity
. HB 906 (SB 86) establishes the Makua Valley Reserve Commission
Public Safety
. HB 832 allows Civil Defense, when no emergency exists, to enter private property to
clean streams & waterways
. HB 1640 (CIP) includes $7 million for construction of turn lanes at the intersections of
Nanakuli and Haleakala Avenues with Farrington Highway.
. HB 829 (SB 1038) exempts veterans from paying the vehicle weight tax
Consumer Protection
. HB 1359 (SB 1041) protects businesses wrongly accused in complaints to DCCA
. HB 1842 requires dealers & breeders to provide dog purchasers with medical history
. HB352 (SB 1039) establishes August 4 as Barack Obama Holiday
. HB 830 (SB 676) creates unit in Auditor’s Office to investigate govt. waste & fraud

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