Vacant State-Owned Lands Listing

[updated 11.20.12]

A constituent asked me for a listing of state-owned vacant parcels, and we recently received a spreadsheet from DLNR.  Click here or on this link, Vacant Land 2009-RESTORED, to view the spreadsheet.

DLNR advised that it is always best to check with them before driving to the property.  Although it may appear the property is vacant, DLNR may already have either a private or government agency that has Land Board approval to lease the land from the state.  The leasee may not be occupying the property yet because they are working on the EA/EIS, or awaiting approvals for permits via the City, DOH, etc.

For more information, contact: Russel Tsuji, land manager, DLNR, PO Box 621, Honolulu, HI  96809, phone: 587-0433

Opening Day at the State Capitol – Jan. 19

Ceremonies will begin at 10am. Refreshments and office visitations to follow. Call Senator Maile Shimabukuro’s office at 586-7793 for more info.

Job Openings at MA’O

Announcement from MA’O Organic Farm:


Kauhale, a merger of two of Wai’anae’s most premier youth social enterprises (MA’O and Searider Productions/Makaha Studios), is looking to hire an Education Resource Specialist (ERS) to work with our staff to build a stronger intermediate to college pipeline of social enterprise youth programs on the Wai’anae coast focused on agriculture and digital media. This ERS will focus on formalizing high school internships within Wai’anae High School’s Natural Resource Academy and Searider Productions ( as well as building college internships housed within Makaha Studios ( and MA’O Organic Farms ( Key points for this position:
  • Position Title: Kauhale Education Resource Specialist
  • Position Dates: February 28, 2011-June 30, 2012, F/T
  • Compensation Range: $38,500-$44,500 (grant-salaried: KELLOGG)
  • All benefits apply
  • Minimum Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree
  • Deadline to submit resume: February 4, 2011
Click on this link: JD-Kauhale Education Resource Specialist for further info.  Please help us spread the word!


Summer Miles
Director of Education
(office/fax) 696-5569


Job Openings at OHA

Job Openings at OHA:

Continuous recruitment until needs are met.


2011 Bills & Resolutions Update

Aloha –

Here’s an update regarding some of the bills and resolutions I am working on.  Please let me know if you have any feedback:

2011 Legislative Session (updated 1/18/11)


1)    Allows property owner to designate beneficiaries on death without probate or will.

2)    Requires establishment of “flood zones” for insurance purposes in areas prone to flooding even when causes are unnatural, as long as resident is not at fault.

3)    Eliminates statute of limitations for child sex abuse civil suits

4)    Makes it a Class C Felony to assault a water safety officer engaged in performing duty

5)    Exempts totally/permanently disabled veterans from motor vehicle registration expense

6)    Retroactively requires that multiple terms of imprisonment run concurrently unless the court orders or the law mandates that the terms run consecutively

7)    Makes it a misdemeanor offense for a parent or legal guardian to fail to exercise reasonable care, supervision, protection, or control over a minor child

8)    Amends DOCARE’s current property forfeiture statues

9)    Legalizes traditional methods of food preparation, including ku`i kalo (poi and pa’i ‘ai)

10) Creates new bargaining unit for emergency first responder medical personnel and water safety officers employed by the state or counties

11) Corrects existing legislation regarding disabled parking placards

12) Proposes a constitutional amendment relating to Environmental Rights to assist residents living near landfills and other environmental hazards

13)  Legalization of mobile home parks on private land with a clear nexus to removal of homeless from public areas

14)  Court system improvement measures: eliminating requirement to obtain court’s permission to serve someone out of state; imposing penalties for refusal to pay arbitrator; reducing taxes on legal settlements after person has paid attorney’s fees

15) Capital Improvements (some projects being considered):

.Nanakuli HS & Intermediate  $12 million, power upgrade & air conditioning

.Wai’anae Intermediate            $4 million, air conditioning

.Wai’anae Boat Harbor             $5 mil: build E Ala voyaging canoe ocean education ctr/remove derelict boats

. Pet-Friendly & Former Foster Youth shelters  $8m



1)    Mauka Highway Study (via Kolekole pass)

2)    Ban all O`ahu landfills from accepting municipal solid waste effective July 2012, to reflect the intention of the LUC in its ruling in the Waimanalo Gulch contested case

3)    Renaming Discoverers’ Day in Hawaii to Indigenous Peoples’ Day

4)    Supporting the removal of “Treaty of Annexation” document on McKinley HS Statue

5)    Requesting support for officers and delegates to Native Hawaiian Convention