Elections Polling Place Locator and Voter/Elections Information 2012

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Maile’s 2012 Legislative Wrap-up

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Star-Advertiser Letter to the Editor 7/1/12: Person Dumping Trash Should Be Penalized

By Karen G.S. Young, Waianae

The June 18 eyewitness video of a person repeatedly flinging large amounts of trash into Ulehawa Channel was appalling and shocking.

And this individual sets the example for her or his children to follow.

The trash pollutes and degrades the stream water. This eventually ends up in the ocean, in which the community swims, surfs, paddles and fishes.

We know clean water and the ocean are precious, life-giving resources upon which our lives depend. They are to be protected and respected, not destroyed and made dirty, unfit to swim or fish.

Further, rather than have a community cleanup, or our tax-funded city workers struggle to clean up the massive dumping, the perpetrator should clean up his own mess.

Let’s not let this go on; we’ve seen the litter and dumps here on the Waianae Coast. We ask that the perpetrator be fined: it’s $1,000 for dumping, $500 for littering. He also should be required to clean up the mess and all the past messes left behind for others to clean.

[Star-Advertiser. Tip from Wally Inglis, 7/2/12]

Hawaii DOE Official School Calendar & Bell Schedule 2012-2013

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From: WNP BFC <wnp-bfc@wccmhc.org>
Subject: July & August 2012 Calendars…NEW School Bell Schedules
Date: Friday, June 29, 2012, 4:10 PM

Aloha All,

[Re DOE Official School Calendar – 2012-2013 Calendar:] Uncertain if it’s in it’s final version – this version is dated 3/2012. Click here to visit the DOE site. July 30 and 31 are the First Day of School for Wai‘anae Coast Schools. Please note bell schedules will change this year (see below). Wai‘anae & Nānākuli Complexes are implementing the Extended Learning Time (ELT) this school year. For more info about Race to the Top – http://hawaiidoereform.org/

In talking with some of the kids this summer – we were informed that the Coast schools have new bell schedules (see table below)…we did some calling and tried to get the times…hopefully this will help (please note that the list may not be 100% correct). In addition, two schools informed us that they will have a different bell schedule the last or last two weeks of school in May 2013.

I know we all need to be aware of what time the schools end. As soon as we get the missing schools, we will let you know. This change is described in July’s calendar…

Mahalo & have a great weekend!

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Extension Granted for Input Request re Nanakuli Public Library – Deadline is now July 31, 2012

From: Glenn Miura <MiuraG@cdsintl.com>


I mentioned to Hanalei Aipoalani that the deadline for comment on the Nanakuli Public Library has been extended to Tuesday July 31st. Also I wanted to mention that the library will be on agenda for the Neighborhood Board Meeting this month. I hope you can make it. Mahalo, Glenn Miura

Original post from June 19, 2012:
Input Request for Nanakuli Public Library – Deadline July 11

Posted on June 19, 2012 by kahanuola98 |

Kimura International is soliciting public input for the Environmental Assessment: Nanakuli Public Library Early Consultation. Comments from the general public are welcomed. Send them to Kimura International, Inc., 1600 Kapiolani Blvd., Suite 1610, Honolulu, HI 96814. Fax: 808-941-8999. For more information, call 808-944-8848