Daphne Kahawai-Tom: Suggestions for Nanakuli Public Library

By Daphne Kahawai-Tom
13 July 2012

I would like to comment on the proposal of a library in Nanakuli. We would love to have one, we are avid readers and have taught our children of the importance of libraries and how they can be very beneficial to our lives. We are hoping that this library would be a state of the arts library with at least 50 or more computers, with downloadable borrowing of books in stead of hard copies. We would love to have an inter-active area for little children, where a projector could display digital books for children to interact with/read along. Also fun computers where little children could interact with educational games or activities. We would love for the library to have a few extra rooms attached to teach computer literacy classes to the public. A side theater room where people in the community may use to showcase media productions with in the community (i.e. Sea Rider Production showcasing their videos to the community). Also this room could be used once a week for movie afternoons for children to watch a fun educational movie. Adults could watch a variety of documentary films of Hawaii or the world. This is our comments on the building of a new library in Nanakuli, we are for it! Mahalo

[Note: This post was first published as a comment to “Extension Granted for Input Request re Nanakuli Public Library – Deadline is now July 31, 2012.”]

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