Waianae Boxing Club Victorious at MMA Expo on 6/15/12

Tony “The Tiger” Rodriguez on the right.

Eric “The Executioner” Edwards on the right.

Tony “The Tiger” Rodriguez and Eric “The Executioner” Edwards of Waianae Boxing Club both won in their respective weight divisions at the MMA Expo on 6/15/12. “It was so exciting to see two athletes from the Waianae Coast win belts in upset victories. The crowd went wild!” said Sen. Shimabukuro, who attended the event. “Congratulations to Coach ‘Papa’ Fred Pereira and the Waianae Boxing Club for these hard-earned victories. Coach Pereira and his club have brought a lot of pride to the Westside,” Shimabukuro continued.

The Legislature previously honored Coach Pereira. Click here for more pictures and information about the MMA Expo.

L-R: Paul Sueyoshi, Presley Salas, Coach “Papa” Fred Pereira, Shane Soares, and Coach Blain Yoshida of Waianae Boxing Club on March 22, 2011. “Papa” Fred is holding the certificate he received earlier that day from the House of Representatives.

“Papa” Fred Pereira in the gym.

Sen. Shimabukuro, right, holding her son, Keani, attended the MMA Expo on 6/15/12. Next to her is Shayne (Sen. Shimabukuro’s significant other), and Chris (Shayne’s son) on the far left.

Sen. Shimabukuro, center, pictured with her son, Keani, and significant other, Shayne, attended the MMA Expo on 6/15/12. Photo from Star-Advertiser’s Honolulu Pulse.

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