KITV4 News: Sen. Shimabukuro’s Response to Sen. Slom’s Jessica’s Law Comment

Sen. Shimabukuro on KITV News 3/15/13.

Sen. Shimabukuro on KITV News 3/15/13.

[Note: The following are excerpts from Paula Akana’s KITV4 News report, “Sen. Slom Explains Controversial Comment,” on 15 March 2013.]

Sen. Sam Slom appeared on the FOX News show “The O’Reilly Factor” with Bill O’Reilly on Thursday [3/14/13] to talk about Jessica’s Law. Forty-two states have the law. Hawaii is one of the states that has not enacted the legislation that imposes high minimum prison terms for sex offenders.

O’Reilly asked Slom why the bill in Hawaii hasn’t passed.

“Aloha, Bill. The only thing I can tell you is basically what they say. And I think it’s a case of misplaced compassion, compassion for perpetrators and there’s also an underlying cultural problem here where some of our diverse cultures actually don’t see any problem or any crime in having sexual relations with young children,” said Slom.

Slom’s remarks are stirring the local community.

“No one is saying that it’s acceptable to have sexual relations with children — with minors. And no one is saying we need to be more lenient on the perpetrators of these horrific crimes,” said Sen. Maile Shimabukuro.

Sen. Shimabukuro says the bill has good intent, but says it failed here because the language in Sen. Slom’s amendment was too broad.

“The question was raised, ‘What if you are talking about a 10-year-old child as the perpetrator,’ or ‘What if you are talking about a person with a developmental disability who doesn’t even know what they are doing?’ And when Sam was asked those questions on the floor, he said that it would apply even to those people,” said Shimabukuro.

Slom says he will continue to work with groups to get Jessica’s Law passed in Hawaii and to be a voice for the victim.

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