Note: Items are posted in reverse chronological order, with the latest at the top.

‘Sea Level Rise & Climate Change’ Dec. 2018 1/16/19

‘Archaeological Investigation of Lowland Kea’au Valley on the Leeward Coast of O’ahu’ 7/5/17

‘Kānehōʻālani: Transforming the Health of Native Hawaiian Men’ 6/6/17

Hawaii DOE/BOE Strategic Plan 2017-2020 12/2/16

Report Faults Honolulu for Criminalizing Homelessness 11/15/16

Are you interested in law school? Have you taken your LSAT yet? Richardson Law School in Manoa offers an amazing LSAT Preparation Program through their Ka Huli Ao Center. There’s a diagnostic test on Saturday, May 7th, 2016, which you’d need to register for by Thursday, April 28th, 2016. This program is an amazing (and affordable!) resource for those looking to take a preparation program for the LSATs. Email to RSVP/register for this diagnostic test and to get more information about the Ka Huli Ao program.

Hawaii’s laws regarding HOA Board of Directors’ conflicts of interest

Kupuna Caucus 2016 2/1/16

C&CH: Down Payment Zero-Interest Loan Program (11/12/15)

Hawaii State Judiciary’s Self-Help Centers Provide Legal Information to More Than 10,000 People (9/14/15)

OMPO Report to the 2002 Hawaii State Legislature: On the Status of Waianae Coast Transportation Studies and Projects (In response to House Resolution 160 House Draft 1- 2000) (8/30/15) – Covers Wai’anae Emergency Access routes.

Weather Alerts – Stay Informed (8/24/15)

Affordable Housing Inventory in the State of Hawaii (8/20/15) (8/20/15)

Keiki Central, the Early Childhood Virtual Hub (posted 5/7/2015)

Daily Headlines and News Articles Provided by the Legislative Reference Bureau (posted 5/7/2015)

Hawai’i Farmers Union United Information (posted 3/23/2015)

Pardon Application Package for Hawaii (posted 3/18/2015)

Information and FAQs on Expungemnt in Hawaii (posted 3/18/2015)

Hawaii Application for Expungement of Arrest Record (posted 3/18/2015)

Ho‘ohana Aku, a Ho‘ola Aku: A Legal Primer for Traditional and Customary Rights in Hawai‘I (posted 3/9/15)


OHA Criminal Justice Study (2/20/15)

Hawaii State Homeless Programs – Shelter/Service Bulletin Board (11/25/14)

Pono Choices Info Flyer (Aug. 2014) (posted 8/18/14)

Makua Marine Resources Study Update: Wet Season Sampling Has Begun (1/14/14) (posted 1/16/14)

State of Hawaii Unclaimed Property Search (posted 12/4/13)

The Future of Learning, Networked Society – Ericsson (posted 11.7.13)

Tire Recycling In Hawai’i – Final Report 5/8/13 (posted 10.29.13)

Apply Online for State’s Med-QUEST Health Insurance (posted 10.17.13)

Assessment and Priorities for Health & Well-being in Native Hawaiians & Other Pacific Peoples (September 2013) (posted 9.25.13)

Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) – Hawaii Resources (posted 7.16.13)

Vacant Ag Lands in Senate District 21 (posted 7.16.13)


Mauna Lahilahi Draft Environmental Assessment, Apr. 2013 (posted 6.18.13)

Sean F. Reardon (Stanford University), “The Widening Academic Achievement Gap Between the Rich and the Poor: New Evidence and Possible Explanations,” in Whither Opportunity? Rising Inequality, Schools, and Children’s Life Chances, Greg J. Duncan and Richard J. Murnane, eds., Russell Sage Foundation, 2011. Also see Reardon’s “No Rich Child Left Behind,” NY Times, 27 Apr. 2013. (posted 6.7.13; updated 6.8.13)

Affordable Housing Project for Hawaiians (posted 4.25.13)

DAGS special use permit form (posted 3.13.13)

Hawaii Directory of Public Officials 2013 now available! (posted 2.14.13)

Bus Schedule – Country Express Route C (posted 2.6.13)

Hawaii Residential Landlord-Tenant Code Handbook (posted 2.5.13)

Draft Supplemental Marine Resources Study Sampling and Analysis Plan Mākua Military Reservation O‘ahu, Hawai‘i Geotechnical and Structures Laboratory 18 January 2013. [Click here for the related article.] (posted 1.23.13)

Volunteer Facilitators Needed for ‘Ohana ‘Ike College & Career Readiness Program in Nānākuli (posted 12.25.12)

Office of Planning and HDOA Report on Food Security/Self-Sufficiency – 3 Volumes, Oct. 2012 (posted 12.12.12)

Vacant State-Owned Lands Listing (posted 1.18.11, updated 11.20.12)

Revised Housing Assistance List (Nov 2012) (posted 11.14.12)

Information on Waianae Coast Food Distribution (posted 11.5.12)

Medicare’s period of open enrollment has begun 10/15-12/7 (posted 10.17.12)

Sen. Shimabukuro Learns of Alternatives to Landfilling on HPower Plant Tour (posted 10.11.12)

Keep Waianae Clean: Proper Trash Disposal Brochure (posted 10.3.12)

Awesome Foundation Oahu – Apply for $1,000 Grants (posted 10.2.12)

Update: The Kalaeloa Shuttle (posted 8.20.12)

Dept. of Agriculture Advisory for Fairs and Events Where Swine are Present (posted 8.20.12)

STATE OF HAWAI‘I DATA BOOK 2011 — now available online (posted 8.14.12)

Free Kindergarten Readiness Program for 3- and 4-year olds (posted 8.6.12)

Free Independent Living Workshops for Kupuna Sep 20-Dec 6 (posted 8.6.12)

Wai’anae CDP Census Reports (posted 7.16.12)

MaziEmail: Helpful Hints for Hawaii Driver’s License Renewal (posted 7.16.12)

Hawaii DOE Official School Calendar & Bell Schedule 2012-2013 (posted 7.2.12)

Elections Polling Place Locator and Voter/Elections Information 2012 (posted 7.2.12)

Update re: ‘Clean and Sober’ & ‘Halfway’ Houses (posted 6.19.12)

Foreclosure Reform Passed in 2012 – highlight article links (posted 6.7.12)

‘Uncle Kokua’ Gives Money to Islanders Who Need Help (posted 5.24.12)

Agricultural Park Lots Available in Wai`anae (posted 5.7.12)

OHA Native Hawaiian Data Book online; click here for related article. (posted 5.4.12)

Camping Permit Information from City & County; also Amended Camping Policy, Rules and Regulations Governing Camping at City Parks (posted 4.27.12)

Hawai’i Ocean Resources Management Plan (ORMP) 2006; click here for related article. (posted 4.19.12)

Homeless Shelter Eviction Rules (Revised) (posted 4.19.12)

Wai`anae Coast Senate and House Reapportionment: 8 March 2012 Summaries (posted 3.18.12)

Makaha Surfing Beach Sand Pushing Study by DLNR Aug. 2010: Makaha Beach-sand pushing-guidelines_2010

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