Kolekole Pass Update from US Navy

Q~  Is KKPR open (for regular commuter traffic)?
A~  KKPR is Closed.

Q~ Will KKPR ever be open again (for regular commuter traffic)?
A~  No.

Q~ Could KKPR be used for emergencies?
A~  An MOA is being worked out with the Navy, Army, State & City at this time.

Additional Information about KKPR:
* Jan 2011, KKPR was closed due to heavy damage caused by heavy rain (this was the wash-out)
* Mar 2011, an Engineering Assessment concluded that the road was unsafe for vehicle traffic
* Mar 2013, a Butler Bridge construction to repair washed-out section of KKPR was completed
* May 2013, Butler Bridge was certified, blessed & approved for use but KKPR is now a single lane road
* Conditions of the upper portion of KKPR has still deteriorated due to a lack of funding & budget cuts
* Army has realigned 2 live fire ranges on the Schofield Brks side (KKPR now runs through the ranges)
* Navy has no mission requirements to keep the road open due to munition strg transfer to West Lock

There are other issues as well such as:
* No guard rails
* No street lights
* Inadequate drainage
* Dangerous rock overhang
* Blind curves made more dangerous due to overgrowth of vegetation and rock slides
* No barriers to prevent livestock (goats, pigs) from migrating onto road
* Extreme steep sharp turns with no areas to pull off the road if there are problems (deadly combo)
* Because of the budget cuts (from DC) there is no money to maintain and secure/patrol KKPR
* Code and regulation requirements would prohibit driving through live firing ranges on SB side
* Major liability issues that would leave the Navy holding the bag if there were accidents and injuries

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