Sen. Shimabukuro Meets With Hawaii Psychological Association

Sen. Shimabukuro recently met with representatives of the Hawaii Psychological Association.  L-R:  Julie Y. Takishima-Lacasa, Dr. Jill Oliveira-Gray, Sen. Shimabukuro, and Alex Santiago.  Mr. Santiago is a former House Representative and a Makaha resident.  For more information, visit:

Sen. Shimabukuro recently met with representatives of the Hawaii Psychological Association. L-R:
Julie Y. Takishima-Lacasa, Dr. Jill Oliveira-Gray, Sen. Shimabukuro, and Alex Santiago. Mr. Santiago is a former House Representative and a Makaha resident. For more information, visit: [Click image to enlarge]

Ulehawa Canal Update from C&C Environmental Services AND the State Department of Health

After hearing from numerous constituent who live near the canal, such as B. Fitzgerald, L. Corcoran, A. Lillis, and D. Kuamo`o,  Sen .Shimabukuro received the following responses from the City and State:

Received April 15, 2015 at 3:57pm from the C&C Department of Environmental Services:

The city’s Dept. of Environmental Services has received several complaints regarding odor at the Ulehawa Canal.  Here are excerpts from our staff and that of Dept. of Facility Maintenance [DFM], they oversee city streams.

From the standpoint of ENV and wastewater, we have sent out numerous crews the past few days with the following observances:

–  ENV sent a crew there last night to dye test the wastewater mainline. The test turned out negative (no signs of leakage from sewer pipes).

–  ENV sent in a closed-circuit television into the mainline pipe today in the area and conditions were normal.  ENV also did a site visit today with no signs of the dye in canal.

–  ENV inspected the Nanakuli Wastewater Pump Station Force Main and found no break or leakage, and we also checked the pressure and flow readings were all normal.

–  ENV’s Storm Water Quality Branch tells us that DFM is scheduled to open the Ulehawa Stream mouth starting April 20-May 6,2015.  This will remove the standing water and allow tidal waters to flush the channel.  DFM is also in the process of getting the permission of the Army Corps of Engineers to dredge the side channels.  DFM’s Road Department was on site today removing rubbish from canal.

Markus Owens
ENV Public Information Officer

Received April 16, 2015 at 8:34a from the office of the State DOH Environmental Services Division:

Aloha Sen. Shimabukuro, 

Based on the news clip below, it appears that the odors are coming from stagnant water and trash that has accumulated in the canal.  The City is working on getting the approvals needed to clean out the canal. We don’t believe that there is anything DOH Waste Water Branch (WWB) could do to “expedite” this work, as you may have heard.

DOH Clean Water Branch (CWB) is waiting for Army Corp of Engineer (COE) determination in order to issue permit.  It may need 401 WQC permit for the clean-up

T. Acido-Mercado
DOH Environmental Services Office

Auyong Homestead Road Drainage Improvements

{Response from Gavin Masaki to Patty Teruya re Auyoung Homestead Road Drainage Improvements

On Apr 15, 2015 12:58 PM, “Gavin Masaki” wrote:

Good Afternoon Patty,

Thank you for responding to our letter, dated January 30, 2015, regarding the City and County of Honolulu’s proposed Auyong Homestead Road drainage improvements in Nanakuli.  Attached is a response letter that will be mailed to the Neighborhood Commission office and included in the upcoming Draft Environmental Assessment (DEA).

When the upcoming DEA document is ready, we will include yourself and everyone on this email on the distribution list for review.  Again, thank you for your participation in the environmental review process.

Thank you,
Gavin Masaki
Gray•Hong•Nojima & Associates, Inc.
201 Merchant St, Suite 1900 — Honolulu HI 96813

From: Patty []
Subject: Auyong Homestead Road Drainage Improvements – Nanakuli Hawaii

Aloha e, Mr. Gary Hong:

My name is Patty Kahanamoku Teruya and serve on the Nanakuli-Maili NB#36 and my family that reside on Mohihi Street next to Auyong Hmstd Rd (the other alternate road out onto to Farrington Highway).  We use and travel on Auyong Homestead Road daily and once reside along this street.

Although this project is way overdue we are glad that funding from the C&C will be used to improve this street particularly because of years of not having a existing drainage and whenever we have heavy rainfall there is no where the runoff can go but remains on the road until it does eventually evaporates.  So many just use the Mohihi Street exit rather than try to get out of the large water puddles.

Many times,  vehicles cannot pass through because of the remaining water that sits for days and without adequate sidewalks for our residents, this was a major challenge for the people who use this street to get to the bus stop or 7-11 store or on to Farrington Highway.

My questions are economic and social impacts and I would like to know if Auyoung Homestead Street drainage improvement project will have to close the street down completely during construction  and from where?  i.e. entrance to the bridge on both sides or only only on the right side?  2) where will the construction vehicles be parking while under construction?  3) will prior signage be up for notice to the residents and community?  4) will residents along the 87-136 through 87-118 and across them be notified and will they have to park outside from their resident area zone during constructions?  5)     what time is the proposed construction work from and how long is the project work    6) The bus stop for our keikis pick up and drop of at the Ulehawa Bridge daily, will this have to be moved or will it be safe for our keikis to walk through this construction?  Will you be preparing a back-up plan for the school bus and trash pick up for the residents that live in this area?

Currently, we have the 7-11 Nanakuli Store being under renovation and it seems that they are there 7 days a week, the problem is during the morning peak of traffic (when school buses are moving in and out) and traffic trying to get on Farrington Highway from Auyong Hmstd Rd, the construction trucks are parked along side Auyong Hmstd Road on the 7-11 side and vehilces are having such a difficult time driving in expecially when vehicles are trying to exit from this street during busy peak time.  And what a mess it is during this construction, I have called 911 several occasions and reported these vehicles parked illegally.

Right now, these are my concerns and questions and appreciaet your time and consideration to the above prior to the construction work project.   I have copied my members on the board along with our area representatives.

Mahalo piha,
Aloha Ke Akua – Patty Kahanamoku Teruya