Update on HB321 Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Bill

Here is a tentative summary of HB 321, the Medical Marijuana Dispensary bill, which is still being finalized by the conference committee:

*  A total of 8 licenses will be awarded across the state.

*  Each license holder will be allowed to have:

*  2 production centers (with no more than 3,000 plants grown at each center)

*  2 retailers

*  The initial dispensary locations will be:

*  3 on Oahu

*  2 on Hawai’i

*  2 on Maui

*  1 on Kauai

*  Qualifications to Apply:

*  21 years of age

*  Legal resident of Hawaii for 5 years

*  $5,000 application fee

* Possess at least $1.2 million in cash reserves

*  Company must be at least 51% Hawaii owned

*  Timeline (some dates are tentative)

*  January 4, 2016: Rules are adopted by the Department of Health (DOH)

*  January 11-31, 2016: Applications made available to the public

*  February 2016: Applications will be reviewed by DOH

*  March 2016: DOH makes selection of license awardees based on merit

*  April 15, 2016: Public announcement of awardees released

*  July 15, 2016: Those awarded should be established and operational

*  January 2018: Reciprocity with other states should be finalized.

*  Prevention & educational aspects will be included with the medical marijuana dispensary program

*  PTSD is added to list of eligible medical conditions for treatment by medical marijuana

*  Penalties for illegal marijuana possession will continue to reflect those of Schedule Category 1 drugs, in alignment with the Attorney General’s memorandum regarding HB 321.

Additional information about HB 321 may be found at these links:

  • Link to Bill Status:


  • Hawaii News Now article published on May 4, 2015:


  • Civil Beat article published on May 4th, 2015:


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