The Senate
State Capitol
Honolulu, Hawaii 96813

May 22, 2015

MEDIA CONTACT:              Jill Kuramoto 808-586-6261


 The State Senate today confirmed the chairs for all 14 committees under Senate President Ron Kouchi.

“This lineup of committee leadership is a thoughtful and effective placement of our Senators,” said Senate President, Sen. Ronald Kouchi (Kaua‘i, Ni‘ihau). “With these new configured committees, we believe we are able to better address the important issues that face our State.”

 The following are the new committees and the assigned Chairs:

Commerce, Consumer Protection, and Health (CPH)

            Chair:             Sen. Rosalyn Baker

            Vice Chair:     Sen. Michelle Kidani

Economic Development, Environment, and Technology (EET)

            Chair:              Sen. Glenn Wakai

            Vice Chair:      Sen. Sam Slom

Education (EDU)

            Chair:              Sen. Michelle Kidani

            Vice Chair:      Sen. Breene Harimoto

Government Operations (GVO)

            Chair:              Sen. Donna Mercado Kim

            Vice Chair:      Sen. Les Ihara, Jr.

Hawaiian Affairs (HWN)

            Chair:              Sen. Maile S.L. Shimabukuro

            Vice Chair:      Sen. J. Kalani English


Human Services (HMS)

            Chair:              Sen. Suzanne Chun Oakland

            Vice Chair:      Sen. Gil Riviere

Higher Education and the Arts (HEA)

            Chair:              Sen. Brian Taniguchi

            Vice Chair:      Sen. Gilbert Kahele

Housing (HOU)

            Chair:              Sen. Breene Harimoto

            Vice Chair:      Sen. Brickwood Galuteria

Judiciary and Labor (JDL)

            Chair:              Sen. Gilbert S.C. Keith-Agaran

            Vice Chair:      Sen. Maile S.L. Shimabukuro

Public Safety, Intergovernmental, and Military Affairs (PSM)

            Chair:              Sen. Clarence K. Nishihara

            Vice Chair:      Sen. Will Espero

Tourism and International Affairs (TSI)

            Chair:              Sen. Gilbert Kahele

            Vice Chair:      Sen. J. Kalani English

Transportation and Energy (TRE)

            Chair:              Sen. Lorraine R. Inouye

            Vice Chair:      Sen. Mike Gabbard

Water, Land, and Agriculture (WLA)

            Chair:              Sen. Mike Gabbard

            Vice Chair:      Sen. Clarence K. Nishihara

Ways and Means (WAM)

            Chair:              Sen. Jill N. Tokuda

            Vice Chair:      Sen. Donovan M. Dela Cruz



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