SafeLink Wireless

SafeLink Wireless is a Federal Life line program that provides a free cellular phone and airtime each month to income-eligible customers who apply and qualify for the service.

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  1. Angela Finlay I have a safelink phone. I’ve had it for about 2 yrs now. This thing is so out dated. I cant find replacement chargers for it so its useless to me at the moment. The battery is dead. Also it shuts its self off now and then so I cant rely on it to receive calls anymore when the battery is charged. So now what do I do? its junk to me at this time.


    • Response from Colleen Teramae, Senator Shimabukuro’s Office Manager:

      RE the comment by Angela Finlay on the Safelink blog post.

      I went to the safelink website (

      On the contact info page, there were only options to call, snailmail, and live chat.

      I chose live chat and was able to get connected immediately (around 930a today).

      The CS rep said that they CAN replace her phone, but will need to verify her account information, etc. (meaning, speak directly with the account holder).

      Ms. Finlay can go online and livechat (as I did), or she can call 1-800-378-1684 — representatives are available Monday-Sunday from 8:00 AM to 11:45 PM EST.


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