timesunion.com News piece: Honolulu commuters sleep, eat in cars to deal with traffic

Sen. Maile Shimabukuro recalled an embarrassing event. She set out early for a committee meeting, but a traffic incident turned her 28-mile commute on the express bus from Nanakuli into a nearly five-hour saga. The bus driver gave up, making riders get out with more than 2 miles left on the route.

“I had to walk from the park, and I was already two hours late. It was the most horrendous thing ever,” Shimabukuro said.


One Response

  1. Allow people to sleep in their cars Even if only temporary allowing this may help a few get over the hump. Make zones where they could do this. People who have had one too many should be able to pull off the road and sleep it off, instead of trying to make it home while drunk.


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