Town Hall Meeting 7/16/15: Westside Traffic Solutions

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Watch the video and read the full article on the KHON2 website.

Maile 032914AKHON2: A town hall meeting, organized and hosted by State Senator Maile Shimabukuro, “took place from 6:30 p.m. to 9 p.m. at Nanaikapono Elementary School…. Officials [from the State Department of Transportation, a representative from City Transportation Services, and H.A.R.T.] heard suggestions from residents such as opening a full-time bypass road and adding another lane on Farrington Highway. No final decisions were made, but officials say they are open to all ideas.” Watch the video and read the full article here.

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Click the image to watch the video and read the full article on the KHON2 website.

Update 7/23/15


Thursday, July 16, 2015, 6:30-9pm, Nanaikapono Elementary Cafeteria

I. Welcome, Dinner, Introductions of Panelists & Special Guests

A. Panelists

  • DOT (Deputy Director-Highways Division Edwin Sniffen)
  • DTS (Deputy Director Mark Garrity and Chief Traffic Engineer Mark Kikuchi)
  • OMPO (Executive Director Brian Gibson)
  • DHHL (Deputy Director William Aila, Jr.)
  • US Navy (Community Planning Liaison Officer Victor Flint)

B. Special Guests

  • Office of Senator Mazie Hirono (Alan Yamamoto)
  • Office of Representative Tulsi Gabbard (Walt Kaneakua & James Hamada)
  • State & City Legislators (Sen. Shimabukuro, Rep. Tupola, Rep. Jordan, Councilwoman Pine)
  • HART (Deputy Director of Construction Tom LeBeau and Deputy Director of Utilities & Traffic Kai Nani Kraut)
  • Neighborhood Board members
  • vRide (Kanani Iaea)
  • No Vote No Grumble (Alex Santiago and Jolyn Balenti)

II. DOT Updates

  • Nanakuli turn lanes: night work permit approved
  • $1m in Budget for congestion relief from Honokai Hale to Hakimo Rd. (Note: These funds are reserved for relocating the historic railroad along the Waianae Coast)
  • Nanakuli median issue: planning to replace landscaping with median barriers
  • Waianae High traffic signal: safety requires turns to cease when pedestrians cross
  • Work with OMPO on highway widening study

III. OMPO Updates

  • Road widening and safety improvements from Kalaeloa to Hakimo Rd.: up to $233m potential funding in the 2nd tier of projects through the year 2035; DOT hopes to work with OMPO to start planning for use of these funds
  • Leeward Bike Path
  • Makaha Surfing Beach highway re-routing feasibility study
  • Kapolei Interchange near waterpark to be improved

IV. DTS Updates

  • Waianae Coast Emergency Access Road (WCEAR) update
  • “Bridge to Nowhere” in Nanakuli: Can we consider opening the gate half way for everyday pedestrian use?
  • Traffic Solutions: Re-visit condemnation of Paakea Rd. to open it up to the public?

V. US Navy

  • Kolekole Pass: MOA being finalized for emergency use only; possible transport of emergency vehicles & groups; road not suitable for mass evacuation in private cars
  • WCEAR: MOA being finalized to formalize a 5-year protocol for use of road during City-declared emergencies


  • Traffic Solutions: Re-visit connecting Piliokahi Ave. to Nanakuli Ave.?
  • Funds in 2014 Budget to relocate crosswalk in Nanakuli Homestead
  • WCEAR involvement
  • Other potential traffic relief

VII. Annoucements from Special Guests (if any)

  • vRide Announcement: Kanani Iaea
  • Announcements from legislators and neighborhood board members

VIII. Q & A from Audience


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