State, City Launch ‘Beat the School Jam’ Campaign: Aug 24-28, 2015

As part of the annual “Beat the School Jam” campaign, the Hawaii Department of Transportation announced plans to suspend construction-related road closures during daylight hours on major highways from – Aug. 24th through Aug. 28th – to alleviate traffic congestion during the week when more than 52,000 university, college, and private school students begin their fall semesters.

The Beat the School Jam campaign includes radio commercials that will air during the morning and evening commutes reminding people to plan ahead, consider carpooling or public transportation and watch out for children walking or biking to school. Above all, drive safely. On average children are involved in 109 pedestrian and 48 bicycling accidents a year in Hawaii.*
*Accident information is based on a three year average from 2009-2011 for children younger than 18 years old involved in a major traffic accident as a pedestrian or bicyclist in Hawaii.

MyGoAkamai – A Personalized Traffic Alert Service


To help provide motorists with real-time traffic information, the HDOT announced the launch of MyGoAkamai, a free personalized alerting service that enhances its GoAkamai traveler information program. MyGoAkamai provides real-time traffic alerts to its users when they need it, where they want it, and on freeway routes that are of interest to them. 

“MyGoAkamai is designed to provide travelers with a proactive resource that they may use to plan their commutes,” said Gov. David Ige. “This alerting program furthers our service to the residents of Oahu, making it easier to get them critical travel information on their route.”

Simply register at for this free service. The registration process for MyGoAkamai allows users to select from a number of predefined trips, identify the types of events that are of particular interest, decide when alerts should be sent, and whether they are to be received by email or text. The look and feel of the website has been redesigned to be more responsive.

Websites developed with responsive design tools adapt to each display size and modify the layout to conform to the capabilities of the display (i.e., the website adjusts to fit the screen of the device on which it is being viewed). This means that supports the growing use of smartphones and tablets.

GoAkamai is now better able to support users, whether they’re accessing it on their desktop, laptop, smartphone, or tablet. Weather events and layers are available in GoAkamai. Through its Map Tools, users can select the weather option for real-time weather conditions. For an added level of user customization, a variety of background map views can be selected.  Other enhancements include a new page listing incidents, the ability for the user to search for a specific camera image or camera tour; and drive times have been renamed to provide a specific beginning and end point.

Travel links as well as weather links have been consolidated and a new social media page lists Twitter feeds (#mygoakamai) from GoAkamai, Oahu Department of Emergency Management and the Hawaii Department of Transportation.

The GoAkamai Mobile App for iPhone and Android has been updated as well, consistent with the recent enhancements to Users will now be able to access the same information regardless of platform.

Beginning on Monday, Aug. 24th, motorists are advised to adjust their commute times accordingly to avoid peak travel periods and are reminded to properly maintain and inspect their vehicles to avoid becoming potential road hazards.

Freeway Service Patrol (FSP) trucks will be on duty every weekday (except holidays) to provide free emergency roadside service to keep traffic moving on the H-1, H-2, and H-201 Moanalua Freeways between the Kunia, Waipio, and Kahala areas from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. Stranded motorists may call FSP at 841-HELP (4357). A link to FSP and its services is found on

Transportation alternatives include biking to work, taking The Bus, and signing students up for public or private school buses. Carpooling or vanpooling with a neighbor or friend can also allow motorists to utilize both High Occupancy Vehicle lanes (two or more individuals per vehicle) on our state highways and the H-1 Freeway ZipperLane and Nimitz Highway Contraflow Lane.

During the daytime construction hiatus Aug. 24th through 28th, emergency closures, nighttime construction, and roadwork that does not involve lane closures, such as shoulder maintenance or landscaping work, may still be scheduled.

Sen. Shimabukuro’s 2016 Bill List

Here is a preview of some of the bills that Sen. Shimabukuro is considering introducing during the 2016 legislative session. Please let her know if you have feedback, and if there are other bills you would like her to consider, by calling 586-7793 or emailing

Sen. Shimabukuro’s 2016 Bill List

Updated: 08/18/2015

1) WCEAR Extension: Possible bill / CIP request to connect “Series 7” (Piliokahi Ave) to Nanakuli Ave, and then to Helelua St. as an extension of the Waianae Coast Emergency Access Road (WCEAR)

2) Farrington Hwy Widening: Study to address bottleneck in Nanakuli and plan for use of $233m in potential federal funds contained in OMPO’s project list.

3) Trailer Parks: Legalize trailer parks on private lands to help address the homeless crisis.

4) Aha Moku Advisory Council (AMAC): Grant rule-making authority to AMAC to establish clear procedures and protocols, and help address concerns raised by the Hawaiian community

5) Hawaiian Immersion: Two separate bills, one to require DOE to report on the status of creating assessment tests in the Hawaiian language & the federal waiver request to do so.  Another bill which requires and appropriates funds for DOE to establish procedures to develop an assessment of established statewide performance standards for students in the kaiapuni program.

6) Marijuana Policy: Adopt uniform collateral sanctions for marijuana to allow offenders to have a “fresh start” and to have access to education, jobs, and other opportunities

7) “Hot Rod” Vehicles: Repeals the requirement for special inspection and certification of reconstructed vehicles prior to operation upon a public highway.  In the alternative, bring City inspector of reconstructed vehicles to Kapolei on a weekly basis.

8) Worker’s Compensation:  Requests an audit of the worker’s compensation system to investigate delays and alleged unfairness in the processing of claims

9)  District Courts: Raises the district courts’ jurisdictional limit for civil actions involving specific performance.

10) Car Insurance Claims:  Two bills aimed at improving the claims system.  The first requires insurance companies to disclose policy limits when requested by a claimant or claimant’s attorney.  The second requires an insurer in a claim under uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage to pay to the claimant an amount the insurer deems reasonable within thirty days of a demand for payment of the claim. Requires any undisputed amount paid to a claimant to be disclosed to the arbitrator or judge and deducted from the amount of any judgment or award.

11.  Medical Records Requests:  Requires health care providers to respond to requests for medical records in connection with insurance claims within 60 days, and to requests for medical bills within 30 days.  If the deadline is not met, said records shall be provided free of charge.