State, City Launch ‘Beat the School Jam’ Campaign: Aug 24-28, 2015

As part of the annual “Beat the School Jam” campaign, the Hawaii Department of Transportation announced plans to suspend construction-related road closures during daylight hours on major highways from – Aug. 24th through Aug. 28th – to alleviate traffic congestion during the week when more than 52,000 university, college, and private school students begin their fall semesters.

The Beat the School Jam campaign includes radio commercials that will air during the morning and evening commutes reminding people to plan ahead, consider carpooling or public transportation and watch out for children walking or biking to school. Above all, drive safely. On average children are involved in 109 pedestrian and 48 bicycling accidents a year in Hawaii.*
*Accident information is based on a three year average from 2009-2011 for children younger than 18 years old involved in a major traffic accident as a pedestrian or bicyclist in Hawaii.

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