Update: Nanakuli Public Library

From: Keith Fujio – Special Assistant to the State Librarian:

[Aloha Sen. Shimabukuro],

As requested, we are submitting the update of the new Nanakuli Public Library for you – thank you for your patience.

The construction of the new Nanakuli Public Library is still on hold pending the City & County of Honolulu Building Permit through their Dept. of Planning & Permitting (DPP).  Marcus from DAGS, Glenn Miura (our design consultant), and the rest of our design team have been meeting and working closely with DPP to address the remaining outstanding issues.

At this point, we believe that we are very close to getting the required permit.

After the permit is received, DAGS will issue the Notice to Proceed with our contractor, Watts Constructors.  We will be coordinating with your office, the stakeholder community groups (including Cynthia Rezentes of the Nanakuli Neighborhood Board), Governor’s office, etc. to ensure a smooth start for this long awaited project.

The State Sheriff’s office and many outreach groups have already started meeting with the various homeless groups occupying this site and will notify them and assist in their relocation.

The contractor will start the cleanup of the trees, overgrowth, etc. and is responsible for the maintenance and security of this site during the construction period.

As the construction progresses, I am sure this site will become a welcome entrance into Nanakuli.  No date has been set for the groundbreaking ceremony but we will make sure to include all the stakeholders when planning this  event.

I have provided a Project Information Sheet created by DAGS for your reference (below).

Thank you very much for your interest and for your support during this past legislative session for the additional staff and operating funds for the Nanakuli Public Library.



Nanakuli Public Library DAGS Job No 12-36-6513 Project Info Sheet 8-7-15_Page_2

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