Update 10/29 re CAUTION: This website is experiencing a malfunction

Updated 10/28/15 at 7:23pm; 10/29/15 1:33pm; 10/29/15 2:15pm

Update 10/29/15 at 2:15pm: This website is functioning correctly. All clicks on non-PDF-linked images should display correctly. Whether PDF files will display automatically or download to your computer is determined by the setup on your computer. For example, when I try it on my desktop with Windows 10, PDF files don’t display and download to my computer. However, when I try it on my laptop with Windows 8, PDF files display correctly.

I’m not sure what, exactly, is causing this. A possible explanation is changes in Adobe Acrobat Reader. I recently updated it on my desktop. My laptop is still using the earlier version. Hopefully, Adobe will work out the kinks soon.

Update 10/29/15 at 1:33pm: This website,is now functioning correctly. All clicks on images, including PDFs, should display correctly. If you encounter any difficulties, please let us know via a comment below. Again, mahalo for your patience.

10/28/15 at 7:07pm: This website, 21maile, is working fine — except for the links to PDF files. When you click on a photo to link to a PDF, the PDF doesn’t appear. Instead, it’s automatically downloaded to your hard drive.

Thus, to play it safe, don’t click on any photos until we have this problem fixed.

Sincerest apologies for this inconvenience. Hopefully, we’ll have it fixed in the next few hours.

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