State DOT Response re Farrington HIghway Traffic Light Synchronization/Nanakuli-Maili Corridor

Sent: Tuesday, November 03, 2015 3:02 PM
Subject: Re: Request from Sen. Maile Shimabukuro re FHWY

Aloha, Thank you for you patience.  The City and State worked to synchronize the streetlights on the Farrington Highway corridor in the vicinity of Nanakuli and Maili in the fall of 2014.

Re-synchronization of all streetlights generally occurs in 2 year cycles.  However, due to the volumes of traffic observed in the area, City signal crews have been going out to the area on a regular basis to review the timing and observe the conditions.

In general, the timing for the corridor has been maximized for the PM commute at 240 second cycles which favors the Farrington Highway corridor over the side streets or turning movements.  This means that total wait time for side streets is 4 minutes, and turning movements are limited to 30-40 seconds.

In general, that means 7 to 8 turning vehicles can make the green phase with no pedestrians, and 2 to 4 cars can turn when pedestrians are present.

When synchronizing, both directions are considered.  Traffic signals on a 2-way corridor will never be timed to allow a motorist to hit all green lights in one direction because that would mean a driver going in the opposite direction would be hitting all reds.

In general, we have been seeing increases in volume over the last 10 years that are overloading the system, especially during peak times.  HDOT is studying the possibility of extending the turning lane currently under construction on Farrington Highway to Hakimo Road in order to alleviate some of the congestion. We are also looking at improvements on H1 eastbound to move traffic more efficiently and also working to achieve fiber optic connectivity on Farrington as far west as possible to allow for traffic cameras and active management of the signals

State of Hawaii Department of Transportation
Public Affairs Office
869 Punchbowl Street, Room 506
Honolulu, Hawaii  96813-5097

One Response

  1. the traffic light in nanakuli across from Wendys is all screwed. the light turning out of Ka Waihona turns green and no one is there and it stays green for almost one minute. Same with the light coming out of the Wendys parking lot. this has been causing traffic all the way out to Honokai Hale. this is ridiculous and has been going on for the last week. Need to fix this immediately.


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