Constituent Inquiry re: H1 Eastbound Expansion

Sen Shimabukuro 80AConstituent Dwain Masek submitted 2 questions to my office, and the DOT’s Public Affairs Office (DOTPAO) provided responses:

My first question is, with all the housing being added to the West Side, Kapolei/Makakilo, Ewa and into Pearl City. Is there any thought to expanding the East Bound H1?

Yes, a project to widen EB H-1 from Waiawa Interchange to Halawa Interchange is starting in environmental clearance in 2016.  Anticipate project will be approximately $120 mil, and expect construction programming in FY 2020.  

My second question is, even with the west bound H1 from Makakilo past Cambell/Water Park off ramp it bottle necks as traffic attempts to flow past Honokai Hale, past Ko olina and up the west side. Is there any thought to expanding the West Bound as the H1 ends?

Not at this time.  Due to aging facilities and Federal Requirements, HDOT is prioritizing system preservation projects. Roughly 65 to 80 percent of funds are programmed towards pavement and bridge projects to get the system that we have into better repair as soon as possible.  with only 20 to 35 percent of the funds going towards increasing capacity statewide, widening or expansion projects will be less common.  We will however widen H-1 EB.    

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