Beginning Farmer Training Program at LCC

GoFarm LCC
GoFarm Hawai`i @ Leeward takes place at Leeward Community College. You do not have to enroll in college to participate. Contact Pam Caesar, coordinator. Phone: 808-557-4769. Email: Homepage and FAQ.

Do you think you might have it within you to do the hard work and learn the various aspects of farming? To meet the inevitable challenges with creativity and determination? Commit to Hawaii’s premier beginning farmer training program with the goal of becoming a successful Farmer? If so, then GoFarm Hawai`i is ready to help you!

Farming can be a very rewarding pursuit: It can sustain your family and your community, give you independence, stimulate your mind, and feed your body and spirit. It can, however, be very challenging: Disease, weather, and pests can disrupt well-laid plans; there is so much a farmer needs to know about soil health, different crops, nutrition, pest and disease control, marketing, and finances (to name a few) in order to be successful.

GoFarm Hawai`i’s mission is to enhance Hawaii’s food security and economy by increasing the number of local agricultural producers by offering those with an interest in agriculture a combination of knowledge, experience, and support designed to assist them in becoming viable production growers, and accomplish this in a manner that encourages sustainability.

Emphasis is on the practical skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful agricultural entrepreneur, thus the curriculum will cover the fundamentals of farm production and business management, and expose participants to the realities of farming through the experience of seasoned farmers. Services such as shared equipment, land, marketing, and business consulting (including pursuit of financing and land matchmaking) will be provided to facilitate participants’ entry into commercial farming.

The programs below are run approximately two times a year and are designed to be taken sequentially.

3 hour seminar

  • Attract those with interest in getting involved in agricultural production.
  • Provide them with an overview of the industry in Hawai’i and its importance.
  • Convey a sense of what is involved in farming, both as a farmer and farm worker, including: challenges and opportunities, costs and benefits, and lifestyle.
  • Inform participants about various avenues to get started, but especially recruit those who want to know more about what it is like to be a farmer to the next phase (AgXposure).

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