GoFundMe Fundraiser for Raymond Senensi’s Medical Bills

Raymond Senensi

Raymond Senensi

Message from Raymond Senensi’s mother, Shirita Luvz Mikey:

This fund is set up on behalf of Raymond Senensi, III.

Raymond was bit by a shark on October 28, 2015 while he was waiting for a wave at Makaha Beach.  He was about 60-70 yards offshore when a shark jumped out of the water and grabbed his right leg and dragged him under water.  Raymond kicked the shark in the nose to free his leg.  When he reached the surface he yelled for help to one of the other surfers in the water who was an off-duty lifeguard.  The lifeguard pushed him on a wave to shore, and when he reached shore the lifeguards treated him until the EMS arrived.  From there he was admitted to Queens Medical Center in serious condition, where he had surgery.
The money is going to medical expenses and medicine that are not covered by insurance. This would mean a lot because it would help me with medical bills. We will be very thankful for any donations received, and it would mean a lot to Raymond to get through his recovery.

Click here to support Raymond.

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