Toy and Letter Drive for Raymond Senensi

Message from Inez Larson:

Aloha Kakahiaka Senator Shimabukuro!

I have remained in contact with Raymond’s mother. Raymond is the little boy that was bitten by a shark in Makaha, and I know what they need.

I am writing to you in regards to a toy drive and a letter drive for him.

Raymond Senensi 2.

He is doing well and should return to Nanaikapono on Wednesday.

Raymond has seven siblings. His mother, who is our age, is a single mom. Her oldest is eighteen and the rest are little. The youngest is eighteen months I believe.

The insurance won’t cover bandages or pain medication. She has started a gofundme account.

I love gathering toys and letters for Raymond, and I’m meeting his mom to give them to him. He’s so appreciative.

Surrounded by her children, the mother talks about sleepless nights, night terrors, and bandages. She tells me about incontinence and the pain he’s in.  He’s on children’s ibuprofen.

He’s shy and so is she.

They have been so traumatized, and I know well the impact a successful toy and letter drive would have on his recovery.

I know these are the types of things welcomed by the family. They will help a lot in their daily struggle in coping with the incident.

It helps for them to know they are not alone.

Please send toys and letters for Raymond Senensi to:

Inez Larson
84-105 Kiapa Place
Waianae, 96792


Phone: 808-457-7202

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