Wai`anae Moku 2030 Survey

Voices of Waianae

The Wai`anae Economic Development Council was formed with a vision of community improvement through business development.

We work with business owners, aspiring business owners, and community organizations to educate, assist with, or manage businesses or projects that benefit the community through economic growth and financial sustainability. We have community resources who provide services to our community but have been struggling.  We have been UNDERFUNDED by Government agencies for Government mandated services, and in general IGNORED by those outside our community.

This has been going on for DECADES and it’s TIME FOR A CHANGE ! We need to come together as a community in a coordinated effort with one VOICE and a Long Term PLAN to fix these issues. Our DIVERSITY is our strength so if we  bring our ideas, perceptions, experiences, good common sense, and our values together, we can make this happen.

We need your input and would appreciate you completing the attached survey so that we can better understand how our community feels about our issues and look at ways to set the priorities to build a strategic plan to move forward. We sincerely appreciate your participation.

Please click the link below for the on-line survey:


Sharlette L. Poe Executive Director L.E.I. Foundation (808) 202-3772

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