Puma Punku Ocean Clean Up Founded By Waianae Resident Frank Ruiz

Sen Shimabukuro 80AWaianae resident Frank Ruiz has always had a passion for the environment.  He has supported clean up efforts by Nani o Waianae and pushed for a bill to allow jet skis to be used for ocean clean ups.  Taking his passion a step further, Ruiz recently started a non profit, Puma Punku Ocean Clean Up.  Here is further information from pumapunkuhawaii.com:

Puma Punku Ocean Clean Up Inc. was created with a vision by Frank Ruiz, a waterman and retired Longshoreman. In his 27 year career on the waterfront, he had witnessed firsthand the decay of our beach fronts with the damaging trash washed up on our ocean shores from Tsunamis, Hurricanes and other artificial debris. In December of 2012 he gathered friends Jeffrey Williams, Sam Keanaaina and Darren Chu and their journey for a cleaner future began…

Photos from a recent clean up of Ala Wai Harbor by Puma Punku Ocean Clean Up. Here is a link to the news story about the clean up: http://khon2.com/2015/09/26/new-non-profit-emerges-to-clean-up-trash-ridden-ala-wai-harbor/

For more information, visit pumapunkuhawaii.com

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