Buffalo’s 2016 Big Board Surfing Classic Feb. 13-15, 20-21


This February 2016 will mark the BIG 40th anniversary of the Buffalo’s Surfing Classic!! Efforts are already underway for planning this legendary occasion, and we would love to have you aboard for another exciting, fun-filled surf event.

Once again we welcome any help that you are able to provide for what has become the worldʻs greatest Hawaiian cultural surfing event at Makaha Surfing Beach. Like last year, we will run 14 divisions over 5 days, ending with a massive awards ceremony February 22, 2016.

The events include 9 different types of surfing: four surfboard (10 ft and over) divisions, paipo, alai’a, bodyboard, bullyboard, canoe, SUPsquatch, tandem surfing, and team SUP surfing. Also to respect our cultural roots, we have instituted a free pass system for those who wear the ancient Hawaiian style malo while surfing in an event.

For those of you who help make the 40th Buffalo Classic a success, we will prominently display your banners on the judges stand, and run mini contests during the event to promote products. We will also list your logo on our website http://www.buffalosurfingclassic.com

We look forward to having your support at our event…!! Please contact us via e-mail or phone Bunky Bakutis at bakutisb@gmail.com, 808-479-5925 or Juice Aguirre (sponsorship co-coordinators) juice@pjproductionshi.com 808-729-7540

Buffalo Keaulana

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Waianae Tigers Jr. Pee Wee Champions Need Our Support

Waianae Tigers Football Association

Waianae Tigers2

The Waianae Tigers Jr. Pee Wee Champions need your support to represent Hawaii in the National Pop Warner Superbowl in Orlando, Florida, in early December.

Dear friend of the community,

On behalf of the Waianae Tigers Football Association, I would like to humbly ask for your consideration to sponsor our Waianae Tigers Jr. Pee Wee football team. On, November 15, 2015 our team won the Hawaii State Division I championship which advanced our team to play at the National Pop Warner Super Bowl in Orlando, Florida. The Waianae Tiger Jr. Pee Wee look will be representing the State of Hawaii and the cost for the team to travel to Florida is very high. For that purpose we are asking for your assistance. Waianae Tigers Football Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is to:

  • Provide youth with organized competition in a safe environment
  • Bring our youth closer together through common interest in sportsmanship and competition
  • Instill the values of education
  • Acquaint the players with the fundamentals of the game rules; running, kicking, blocking and tackling
  • Teach sportsmanship, discipline and love of the game
  • Encourage the players to maintain satisfactory grades in school and to emphasize the importance of keeping a proper relationship and balance between scholastic and athletic endeavors

We are seeking sponsors who are willing to donate any dollar amount to assist in covering our teams travel expenses. We have many players that have never been on an airplane and this opportunity comes once in a lifetime, for the players to be able to play the sport they love and ride an airplane. Some of the players have only dreamed about this. We as an association would love to have all the players go on this trip however, due to financial situations they might not be able to travel, so we are asking if you can assist with making the dreams of our player become a reality by donating to our Waianae Tigers Jr. Pee Wee team financially. You consideration is greatly appreciated.

If providing sponsorship for Waianae Tigers Football Association is an option for you and your company, we will send you a letter with our non-profit number for your tax purposes.

I welcome any comments or questions regarding the details of your sponsorship and look forward to forming a mutually beneficial partnership.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and support of Waianae Tigers Football Association, Jr. Pee Wee Division.

Please donate online at GoFundMe
Make checks to:
Waianae Tigers Football Association, Please include in the Memo: 2015 JPW Division
Mail to: Terryann Joseph 85-833 Farrington Hwy. #201 Waianae, HI 96792

Kelli Timoteo
Fundraising Coordinator