2016 Legislative Priorities (1/22/16)

Sen Shimabukuro 80AAloha!

Listed below is a partial preview of some of the bill proposals I am working on. More proposals will be added through the end of January. I will also continue to support Capital Improvement Project (CIP) requests for schools, our health center, roads and other areas. Please check future FaceBook postings, neighborhood board reports, and 21maile.com for updates and additions to this list throughout the legislative session.


Extend the Nanakuli turn lane project so that it runs from Hakimo Road to Nanakuli Avenue.

Extend Waianae Coast Emergency Access Road (WCEAR), from Helelua Street to Piliokahi Avenue.

Study regarding how best to utilize $233m in potential federal funding to widen Farrington Hwy from Kalaeloa to Hakimo Road.


Automatic Voter Registration: Driver’s License; Identification Card; Opt-out. Requires that any person who is eligible to vote and applies for a new or renewed motor vehicle driver’s license, provisional license, instruction permit, or identification card shall be automatically registered to vote if that person is not already registered to vote; provided that the applicant did not affirmatively opt-out of automatic voter registration on the application form.


Remove limit of one Section 8 lease per TMK.

Bill to exempt payments from Section 8 home ownership program from food stamp income.


Air Conditioning for Waianae Coast schools.

Bill to move campaign donations to private schools to the public schools/libraries category.


Require mortgage companies to notify home owner of intent to purchase insurance, and provide a reasonable amount of time for the home owner to provide a more affordable policy.

Prohibit homeowners associations from executing judicial foreclosures based solely on non-payment of fines which may be in dispute.


Land Use Violations: Allow for service of process of land use violation notices via posting on a searchable government website if reasonable attempts to serve by mail and in person are unsuccessful.

Appropriation for the Aha Moku Advisory Committee.


Worker’s Compensation Treatment Plans: When the employee prevails in an appeal, requires employers to continue to pay for the employee’s medical treatment plans, even if the employer appeals the appropriateness of the treatment plan. Allows the employer to seek monetary damages from the employee’s treating doctor if the employer successfully shows that the treatment plan was inappropriate.

Provides statutory authority for the Employees Retirement System (ERS) to make direct payment of benefits to a former spouse of a member pursuant to valid court judgment, order, or decree for divorce. Allows for the ERS board to adopt rules to assess fees for filing, for processing costs, and an administrative fee.


“Hopes Law” animal protection bill.


Legalize Hawaiian Indigenous Architecture/hale for residential structures.

Resolution to designate the kalo leaf as the official state dish and to establish kalo leaf day/month.

Appropriation of $500,000 to advance the use of Hawaiian language in the Judiciary’s website; funds will be expended by the Judiciary and the University of Hawaii.

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