Aha Moku Advisory Committee Visits the Capitol

Sen Shimabukuro 80AOn 01/21/16, the Aha Moku Advisory Committee (AMAC) visited the Capitol.  The AMAC promotes the Hawaiian system of natural resource management, which has been handed down in oral tradition and practice. It is based on the concept of `ahupua`a, the traditional land and ocean tenure system of Hawaii.  For more information, visit: http://www.ahamoku.org

 Artist Hanalei Hopfe of Wai’anae, Sen. Shimabukuro, and Charlie Ka’a’ai.

 AMAC member Georgianna Navarro of Makaha entertained legislators with song & dance.

 Sen. Shimabukuro posed with AMAC member Richard Hoopi’i.  Hoopi’i is a Grammy Award Winning artist, and an Ukulele and Falsetto legend.  “Richard Hoopi’i is a beautiful living treasure we were blessed to have,” Shimabukuro said.

AMAC Executive Director Leimana DaMate and AMAC member Georgianna Navarro danced for the legislators and Capitol staff.

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