Wendy’s Wonderful Kids



Dave Thomas founder of the restaurant  Wendy’s, established Wendy’s Wonderful Kids in 1990, to secure children out of the foster care and in adoptive families. The Foundation helps children become adopted by providing grants to both public and private adoption agencies to hire professional for recruitments to find the children a family . There are 206 professional recruiters in the United States and Canada. Half of the children that get referred to Wendy’s Wonderful Kids have been in foster care for four or more years making their chances of getting adapted harder.  By providing professional recruiters children are three times more likely to get adopted into loving homes. Help stop 23,000 children from aging out of the Foster Care System.

Do you enjoy playing kickball? Why not play a fun game of kickball and raise money for the foundation. To sign up go to:  https://davethomasfoundation.org/dtfa-kickball/

If you are interested in adopting you can connect recruiter Chiyom Chow.

recruiter phone: (808) -540-2552

recruiter email: cchow@familygramshi.og

website: familyprogramshawaii.og





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