Waianae Coast Emergency Access Road Extension Site Visit 1/24/16; Next Meeting 2/8/16

Sen Shimabukuro 80AOn 01/24/16, residents gathered to conduct a site visit of potential extensions of the Waianae Coast Emergency Access Road (WCEAR).  A summary of the meeting is below.

The next meeting to discuss the possible WCEAR Extension will be hosted by the Ahupua’a o Nanakuli Homestead on 02/08/16, 7-9pm, at Ka Waihona o ka Na’auao PCS cafeteria.  The public is welcome.

Waianae Coast Emergency Access Road (WCEAR) Proposed Extension Site Visit Minutes
PHASE 1: Helelua St. To Nanakuli Homestead

– Best Option:

Helelua St. to private road behind Yuen’s store, connect to Haleakala Ave thru empty DHHL lot

– 2nd Best Option:

Helelua St. to Mokiawe St. (Dirt path thru DHHL homestead lot; goes over utility lines, drainage ditch, & cables; Comes out at Puu Heleakala park; Need to relocate a DHHL family)

– 3rd Best option:

Helelua St. to Ule loop (need switchback road, road carved into mountain, or tunnel)

PHASE 2: St. Rita’s Church to Nanakuli Ranch to DHHL Series 7

Option 1: 2 bridges needed

– Bridge from St. Rita’s Church to Ranch

– Bridge from Ranch to Pikaiolena St. (Over drainage area for DHHL Series 7 homesteads)

Option 2: possible roads above Series 7 and higher up at Nanakuli Ranch to support potential building of new DHHL homes (as discussed at a meeting on 01/27/16 with DHHL and Sen. Shimabukuro)

Notes: Other parts of WCEAR extension will travel over some existing roads, eg,

– Haleakala Ave. to cross St., eg, Kauwahi Ave

– Kauwahi Ave. to Nanakuli Ave.;

– Nanakuli Ave. to Pua Ave.;

– Pua Ave. to St. Rita’s Church.


– Elected officials to consult with City DEM/DTS, DHHL & community re: possible submission of a Capital Improvement Project (CIP) request to begin feasibility study/plan/design/construction of WCEAR extension.

Photos from the site visit (click on the photos to enlarge):

Richard and Shirley Landford.  Richard is the chair of the Nanakuli-Maili Neighborhood Board’s Transportation Committee.  Richard and Shirley celebrated both his birthday and their 46th wedding anniversary during lunch with the group after the site visit.

 Concerned residents viewed a possible area to connect the DHHL Nanakuli Homesteads to the WCEAR at Ule Loop.

Peter Hirai, Deputy Director of the City Department of Emergency Management (DEM), explained WCEAR procedures to the group.

  A map provided by the Puu Heleakala Recreation Association.
The vacant lot on Pikaiolena Street, where the WCEAR may connect to Nanakuli Ranch via a bridge.

  The drainage tunnel between Nanakuli Ranch and DHHL’s “Series 7” homesteads.
Part of the large river bed between Nanakuli Ranch and DHHL’s “Series 7” homesteads.

  Kaipo Raposa described the ditch between St. Rita’s Church and Nanakuli Ranch to Richard Landford.
A group of concerned citizens met on 01/24/16 to tour possible extension areas for the WCEAR.  First row, L-R: Peter Hirai (Deputy Director, City Dept. Of Emergency Management), Ruby Maunakea, Sen. Maile Shimabukuro, Rev. Sally Jane Amina.  2nd row, L-R: Sarah Naone, Stephanie Kawelo, Georgie Navarro, Jewelynn Kirkland, JoAnn Raposa, Sally Naone Kawewehi, Stephanie Launiu, Karen Awana.  3rd row, L-R: Shayne Sakoda, Richard Landford, Deacon Levy, Ernest McKeague, Kaipo Raposa, Damien Kaaihue, Curtis Tsuzaki, Ms. Raposa.  [Photo by Bill Raposa]

Mahalo to all for your time and efforts to support this important project to extend the WCEAR!

Jr. Lifeguard Graduate Rescues Man at Makua Beach

Tori McCann color byline 80Nikolas Wrye, 15, rescued a man at Makua Beach on 01/16/2016. Wrye had taken  Jr. lifeguarding classes over the summer at Makaha Beach which taught him what to do in the emergency. Senator Maile Shimabukuro, her ohana, and friends were also there. Wrye’s grandmother, Peppy Rapoza, noticed from the shore a man drowning and calling for help. Rapoza yelled to catch Shimabukuro’s attention about the drowning man.

Shimabukuro’s friend, Michael Cuban, quickly rushed to save the man. However, Wrye was already out body boarding and he and others paddled over to the man. Cuban coached them on what to do as they headed out to the man after four big sets of waves. When Wrye grabbed the man’s arm to pull him onto his body board, the man was panicking and exhausted from being pounded by the waves.  Fortunately, the rescue was successful and the man survived.

“If Maile’s big ohana hadn’t been there, the man would have drowned,” said Rapoza. “The Jr. lifeguard classes that my grandson took also helped. I hope they keep the Jr. lifeguarding program. We need it on the West Side since the ocean is our playground.”

If you are interested in taking Jr. lifeguard classes, visit: http://www.honolulu.gov/esdosls/juniorlifeguards.html