Kaena Point Bill to Protect Albatrosses (SB 3065) Hearing 2/8/16 10am

Tori McCann color byline 80Senator Gil Riviere had a meeting February 3 to discuss his Kaena Point Bill SB 3065 to reinforce protection to the Albatrosses that are protected under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and the Hawaii state wildlife rules after heinous crimes were committed to the birds. In late December 2015 a group of minors killed and dismembered four adult Albatrosses.

The birds were killed with a stick while they were sitting on their nest. After they were killed their legs were cut off using a knife to remove the identification bands. The minors also destroyed 17 nets and stole $3,100 worth of equipment that included: cameras to monitor the birds and car batteries to power them. Along with the 4 birds killed, 13 birds are missing. They are suspected to have been killed as well. The bodies of the birds were scattered across the estuary with bloody piles of feathers.

Kaena Point is a special place because it gives the public a window into what Midway Island looks like. From this tragic story of the Albatrosses comes a call to action to protect and enforce the safety of the birds so that everyone can enjoy them. Senator Riviere’s Bill SB 3065 goes beyond the death of a few birds.  Senator Shimabukuro and others co-introduced the bill, which hopes to have full-time enforcement officers assigned to the area from the Department of Land and Natural Resources along with on-site educational staff to inform people about preserving the natural beauty of the place.


                       Protect Kaena Point — Support SB 3065


Senate Hearing for SB 3065 Monday February 8, 2016 10am Room 224


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