Update on Waianae Elementary area robbery

I was very concerned to hear about an assault that happened in Waianae last Friday. MajorSara Perry byline80 Kendro at HPD has updated our office with the following information: The HPD is investigating a report of a violent robbery of a young man that occurred on February 5, 2016 around 11:15pm in the area of Waianae Elementary school. The suspects were described as eight or nine pacific islander males in their 20’s. The HPD would advise that all people take reasonable precautions especially when out late in the evening, to be aware of their surroundings, travel in groups, and report suspicious events, people, and vehicles to 911 as soon as possible.

I asked if perhaps we could get a neighborhood watch set up in the area to help residents feel safer and be more proactive. I heard back from HPD Sergeant Jason Allen.

Sergeant Jason Allen has responded with this: “We have several Neighborhood Security Watch (NSW) and Citizen Patrol groups in the Waianae area and we are always willing to expand. Please contact Sgt. Allen at 723-8411 or Corporal Joseph Tabarejo (Waianae Resource Officer) at 723-8408, if you have further questions regarding joining or starting a new NSW group.” This should help community members take a proactive stance to keep the neighborhood safer!


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