An NPR recap of OHA’s Public Lands Trust Revenues Bill, SB 2124


OHA CEO Kamana’opono Crabbe, testified before the Senate Hawaiian Affairs Committee.

Sara Perry byline80An NPR recap of SB 2124: Office of Hawaiian Affairs Asks Lawmakers to Lift Funding Cap.

The state agency responsible for improving the well-being of Native Hawaiians is asking the legislature to lift a decade-old funding restriction. HPR’s Wayne Yoshioka reports.

Senator Shimabukuro was quoted by HPR as saying that, “the good thing about it is that it appears to be budget neutral. There’s about $8 million dollars that are in question here. Those extra monies had to be returned by OHA, and have been sitting in an account that is just sitting there unused. So, I think it makes sense to return those monies to OHA, and lift the cap.”

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