At-Risk Youth In-Patient Program Opens in Waianae

I met with Wahi Kana’aho last week, which is a long-awaited, free in-patient program for at-risk youth. The program started in April 2015, and is located on the Waianae Coast. L-R: Jolyn Ballenti, Sen. Shimabukuro, Wayde Lee, Jazlyn Wandasan, Mayling Chung, and Momi Cruz-Lozano.
Here is information from their website:

Waki Kana‘aho is a cultural learning center for the healing arts that draws from the wisdom of our kupuna (elders). We host a 21-day residential program to support youths in charting a pono (righteous) path in their lives. We teach concepts and practices related to ho‘oponopono, a traditional Hawaiian practice of setting things right and restoring balance and harmony. We work with youths ages 12-18 from all ethnic, religious, gender, economic, and educational backgrounds. The Wahi Kana‘aho currently accepts youth who are referred through the Ho‘opono Mamo Civil Citation Initiative. Referrals from other sources may be accepted based on space availability.

For more information, visit:

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