Traffic Update

I know that traffic is the #1 quality of life issue for Wai’anae Coast residents.  That is why I obtained $2m for the current turn lane project in Nanakuli.  Now DOT is hoping to utilize federal funds contained in OMPO’s “Project 54” to expand on that turn lane project and widen Farrington Hwy all the way from Hakimo Rd to Black Rock.  (See “Project 54” on this OMPO list: ORTP 2035 Projects Listing | Oahu Metropolitan Planning Organization).  Widening the highway will go a long way toward helping to alleviate our daily bottleneck and with re-routing traffic during accidents and lane closures like we had on 02/13/16.
I am also working with other elected officials to try and extend the emergency access road.  Phase 1 aims to connect Helelua St. to the Nanakuli Homesteads, possibly by condemning the road behind Yuens Store and connecting it to Haleakala Ave.  Phase 2 aims to connect the Nanakuli Homestead to Series 7 (Piliokahi Ave.), using bridges and roads.
Along with your other elected officials, I will continue to urge the military, Congress, and the state to find ways to increase access to Kole Kole Pass.  I will also continue to push for an alternate route in and out of the coast, as well as a contra flow lane.

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