UHWO Intern Tori McCann Delivers a “Moment of Contemplation” to the State Senate


Original speech delivered by Tori McCann on 02/23/16:

Dear Senators,

With the hustle and bustle for bill hearing and referrals as deadlines inch closer let us take a moment to pause and think about the people we do it for. It easy to become catch up in the world of politics. In my time riding the bus I have seen many things; some funny, others heartfelt and still others just flat out weird. I learned many life lessons on the bus through observing people and would like to share them with you.

To the couple with a two year old who spent 45 minute trying to make their baby laugh instead of crying got the the baby to laugh the rest of the way.

Lesson # 1: Be patience it pays off.

To the old man in dress pants and button down shirt he sells drugs on the conner street

Lesson # 2: Don’t be fooled by outwardly appearances.

To a little girl who before  heading off the bus stopped and hugged a man in McDonald’s uniform she did not know. The man stood there stunned.

Lesson 3: Love can be found in unexpected places from unsuspecting people.

To the mother with four small children heading off to school early in the morning.  Breakfast a bag of chips because it’s cheap. How can a child learn on only a bag of chip?

Lesson 4: Sometimes you gotta do what you can just to get by

To the lady in her 50s at the bus stop who works two part-time retail jobs to help pay for her husband’s cancer treatment.

Lesson # 5: With love comes sacrifices

To a young lady who took off her jacket to give to a homeless woman who is wearing a makeshift tube top.

Lesson # 6: Compassion pass it on.

Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier. -Mother Teresa

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