Corvette Center Ministries Grant in Aid Visit

On Friday, February 26th, we toured the Waianae Internet cafe to meet with applicants of our annual Grants in Aid. Grants in Aid are funding sources awarded by the Legislature each year for a variety of projects, programs, and other initiatives. If you haven’t been to the Internet Cafe yet, I highly suggest you check it out! They have fax/scan/copy services, as well as provide valuable job training skills with a specific focus on helping the homeless. The space is beautifully renovated and the staff are awesome!

Grant-in-Aid applicant: Corvette Center Ministries dba Zion Ipuka. Goal is to open a transitional center in Waianae and provide the homeless with a variety of services in order to serve as a bridge for them to transition back into the community.…/Corvette%20Center%20Ministr…

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