Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center – Grant in Aid Visit

Our visit to the Waianae Coast Comprehensive Health Center was the perfect way to start the morning on February 26, 2016. As the largest employer on the Waianae Coast, they Sara Perry byline80cover myriad health, emergency services, dental care, and even certification for home care specialists and other health professionals. We had a lovely breakfast at Kaahaaina Cafe and talked about their Grant in Aid requests, the priority one being to fund an expansion of their dental clinic into the space currently occupied by their laboratory, so they can offer 6 more dental suites for patients. Because they are one of the only clinics to offer Medicaid dental services, they have more demand than they can currently handle, and are working diligently to expand as quickly as possible. The laboratory services will be moving into their newest building, which is adjacent to its current location and currently under construction.

Click to access Waianae%20District%20Comprehensive%20Health%20and%20Hospital%20Board,%20Incorporated_Redacted.pdf

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