Waianae High School – Teach for America award for Sarah Kern and Grant in Aid Visit

Senate President Ronald Kouchi and I visited Waianae High School (WHS) on 02/26/16 to see what was new and exciting on campus, and we learned about their Cooler Classroom initiative, putting PV/AC’s in their classrooms. Sara Perry byline80Niralyn Okuna of their Facilities showed us their pilot project AC unit of 2 Lezeti hybrid solar PV/AC units, generously donated by GreenPath Technologies. These systems save up to 70% on cooling costs, have no utility approval requirement, operate extremely quietly, and have zero feedback into the grid.

Another wonderful project being hoped for is a store front which would market goods produced by the students. Products would come from WHS’s aquaculture, organic farming, Searider Productions, and other programs. The store front would be located in an area between the harbor and the baseball field, and would be an interactive learning facility for students. Students would practice business skills, marketing, financial literacy, regulartory compliance, and social responsibility.

Also on our visit to Waianae High School, we had the pleasure of meeting Sarah Kern, who was awarded a Hawaii Milken Educator “Teacher of Promise” Award. She recieved a congratulatory Senate Certificate, as well as a monetary award from Hawaii USA Federal Credit Union. Congrats, Sarah! We need more teachers like you!!!


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