Ka Huli Ao: Center for Excellence in Native Hawaiian Law William S. Richardson School of Law University of Hawaii at Manoa

Ka Huli Ao -enlightening the next generation in a traditional manner

Education & Training

Ka Huli Ao educates and trains students about the unique aspects of Native Hawaiian law and the intersection of local, federal and international laws affecting Native Hawaiians. Ka Huli Ao offers courses in Native Hawaiian law, Federal Indian law, and environmental law, among others, and offers the first -ever Certificate in Native Hawaiian Law.

Student Outreach & Support:

Ka Huli Ao provides students the knowledge and tools to advance the traditions and legal rights of Native Hawaiians and other Pacific and Indigenous Peoples. They inspire and empower students, especially those from rural and Native Hawaiian communities to pursue careers in the legal and related fields to achieve social justice for all Hawaii people.

Punawaila.org -oneline archive of early Hawaiian legal and historical resources

Scholarship & Legal Resources Link: https://www.law.hawaii.edu/native-hawaiian-and-indigenous-scholarship-and-legal-resources





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