Hawaii State Judicary Warns Public About Court Phone Scam


Hawaii State Judiciary

March 3, 2016
Hawaii State Judiciary Warns Public About Court Phone Scam
HONOLULU, HI – The Hawaii State Judiciary has received a report of a new phone scam. A caller claiming to be from the courts asserts that an individual’s driver’s license has been suspended due to unpaid traffic citations. The caller asks for the individual’s credit card number to pay for the citations so that the driver’s license suspension can be removed. The caller’s phone number may appear blocked on a phone’s Caller ID.

Hawaii residents are advised not to provide any personal information or credit card numbers to callers claiming to be from the courts. In general, the public will not be contacted the Hawaii State Judiciary for official business by phone or email.


If you have received a phone call that you think may be a scam, please contact the Hawaii State Judiciary Communications and Community Relations Office at pao@courts.hawaii.gov or call (808) 539-4909.

You may also visit the Judiciary’s website where a list of reported scams is posted: http://www.courts.state.hi.us/general_information/scam_alerts.html

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