Arlene Chiqui Guerrero’s ‘Artboard Concepts’ in Makaha

Click image to visit the site.

Click image to visit the site.

Artboard Concepts is a local, home-based graphic design service situated near the beautiful popular surfing beach countryside of Mākaha.

The original name was changed from Student Graphic Artist to Arlene Chiqui Guerrero dba Artboard Concepts. In 2011, all inspirations funneled into this idea of creating a local graphic design service to help local businesses, residents, and non-profit agencies with their creative needs such as logos, sports team designs, marketing collaterals, t-shirt designs, video editing, and more.

Artboard Concept’s preliminary goal is to provide resourceful information to clients and introduce innovative concepts to marketing trends. Guiding their business, personal project, or cause to a successful outcome and delivering results to share their storiy and create a brand identity.

Additionally, part of Artboard Concept’s goal is to provide a continuous learning process with the know-how to actively connect and collaborate with other private businesses, non-profit agencies, and social network groups all over the island.

Arlene Chiqui Guerrero
Artboard Concepts
84-597 Nukea Street
Phone: 8086202433

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