Waianae Boys and Girls Club is urgently seeking volunteer manpower to help with tree trimming & drainage maintenance


I recently got this photo and email from Lana Yahiku-Keamo:

Praying a great turn out especially for the quarterly drain cleaning in the confined space. That requires a certain type of training from companies like grace pacific.

Please see the attached picture as it shows a big branch that cracked from the recent strong winds. The branch is hanging close to the clubhouse over the parking lot. My staff sent this to me during his teen leadership car wash. They had to cone off 3 stalls to prevent any injuries in the event the branch fell.

I really appreciate all your Kokua and spreading of the word. 

Additional information is in this forwarded message:

From: Lana Keamo <lkeamo@bgch.com>

Date: March 16, 2016 at 3:01:42 PM HST

Subject: Need Your Kokua!

Aloha Maile,

…We need your kokua! As you know BGCH is committed to the maintenance of the Club Facility and the surrounding grounds. Although the roof maintenance is part of building requirements, the situation has become very severe as the 100 year old trees continue to close in and overhang the BGCH Building. The Clubhouse roof and gutter systems are being impacted by the overhanging tree branches, dropping leaves and wood debris onto the roof area. While maintenance of the grounds is also a responsibility of BGCH, the trees are a very special problem requiring special equipment and expertise and supervision.

…We are requesting…help in the management of the tree growth by pruning the overhanging branches and moving the ‘tree shadow’ back from the building structure. Followed by a semiannual trimming of the growth to maintain a modest separation of tree and building.

Recently, the City of Honolulu approached the DOE to assist the city in maintaining an extensive concrete drainage structure running along the edge of the School Buildings as well as BGCH Building. DOE accepted this agreement, advising BGCH to participate in maintaining the portion running along the BGCH building area. 

The trench structure in question, under HIOSH definition would be considered a ‘confined space’. The ‘confined space’ designation requires training and special planning before entering the space to perform work activities. The concrete structure is below grade with vertical walls (open top), and runs several hundred feet, adjacent to the public road, and protected, on two sides, by an approximately 36 inch chain link fence…BGCH does not… [have the necessary skills and training for this work].

Please help BGCH get the support and help we need to address the above maintenance issues.

Much Mahalo for your continued support.

For more information, contact:

Lana Keamo

Clubhouse Director

Boys & Girls Club of Hawaii-Waianae

85-165 Plantation Road, Waianae HI 96792

808-696-2754 (office)

808-696-7420 (fax)

Email: lkeamo@bgch.com

Website: http://www.bgch.com

“Always do your best. What you plant now, you will harvest later.”

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