SR 32 and SCR 60: Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program; Housing and Urban Development; Section 8 – Passed Unamended

SR 32 and SCR 60:Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program; Housing and Urban Development; Section 8 -passed unamended before a joint hearing with Human Services and Housing Committee on March 24,2016 1:15pm. All the testimonies  were in support.

SR 32: is the Senate Resolution

SCR 60: is the Senate Concurrent Resolution


SCR 60 has been moved to be voted in the Senate on the floor where it will move to the House of Representatives.


Brief Overview of what SR 32 and SCR 60 are about:

Requesting the revision of federal regulations so that housing subsides through the section 8 rental assistance and homeownership program  paid  directly to an applicant of the supplemental nutrition assistance program are excluded from the calculation of household income to determine eligibility for the supplemental nutrition assistance program.


The office of Senator Shimabukuro would like to thank Carolyn Schmidt, a resident of Makaha, for coming out and testifying on the resolutions.




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  1. Thank you; we need to look at individual regulations and fix them do they help people. I know we will save money and increase the quality of life for many people. Mahalo, all!


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