Murder Mystery Surrounding an Often Overlooked Hawaiian Patriot: Robert William Kalanihiapo Wilcox

SR 124/SCR 163 commemorates and honors the life of Robert William Kalanihiapo Wilcox, an enduring patriot and advocate for the rights of native Hawaiians, who served as Hawaii’s first elected representative to the United States Congress. Members of his family, friends, and supporters gathered today to tell us about him and share their personal stories of who he was.

Senators were fascinated by the story of Mr. Wilcox’s heroic efforts to defend the monarchy, and of his untimely death, allegedly due to ingesting glass shavings in a drink served to him at a social function by his detractors. Ironically, the hearing on Mr. Wilcox’s resolution occured on 03/28/16, the day that the DOE and other HI institutions observed Prince Kuhio Day. The irony lies in the fact that Prince Kuhio’s legacy often over-shadows that of Mr. Wilcox, leading to many to falsely believe that Prince Kuhio was HI’s first delegate to Congress (when in fact, Mr. Wilcox was HI’s first delegate).

In photos (not in order) Gordon Lunalilo Wilcox, Beatrice Anderson Wilcox of Waianae, Isaac Hatori, Elizabeth Moreno, Albert Harold Braine, Ariana Savea, Kealohi Medeiros, Fairlena Paul, Alexander Liholiho, Lorna Souza, Virginia Stoddard, Palani Vaughan, Senator Michael Gabbard, Senator Lorraine R Inouye, Senator Maile Shimabukuro, Senator Donna Mercado Kim, Senator Rosalyn Baker, and Senator Clarence Nishihara

Special mahalo nui loa to Senator Brickwood Galuteria for introducing the resolution, and to Palani Vaughn, the Wilcox `Ohana, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs, and the many others who have advocated for this important recognition. Here is a link to the measure status:…

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  1. Mr Vaughn’s passing has come as a shock to many. I’m sure he will be greatly missed by all who knew him. My deepest sympathy goes out to his family. He had a great spirit about him and I as a member of the Wilcox and La’anui family will never forget his passion to learn, teach, and share. He still had so much more to do and was the reason SR 124/SCR 163 was proposed. My family hopes his efforts for this proposal will not be lost and will instead move forward in the near future as he thought deserving of my Great Great Grandfather, Robert Kalanihiapo Wilcox.


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