Bus & Rail Inter-Relation Update

DTS - HART mtg 4-7-16 (2)Today I met with City and HART officials to bring up concerns regarding the Rail and the bus route interaction and integration as we move further along. As a regular bus rider, this issue is very near and dear to my heart.

Constituents expressed concerns that once the Rail began functioning, bus routes may be cut entirely or severely cut back to encourage Rail ridership. HART and DTS both stated that routes may change as the Rail and Bus are integrating into one cohesive system. They added that it will be a gradual process and any changes (or cuts) to routes will require public discussions and consultation.

With the first 10 miles (from the Kroc Center to the stadium) currently scheduled to be completed sometime around the end of 2018/early 2019, these route changes and adjustments are on the horizon, and are still in the discussion phase.

Some other topics that came up:

-Some neighborhoods may see increased Bus service once the Rail starts running, as population increases, new routes are necessary, and demand increases.
-The Rail cars are about the length of the articulated buses, and 4 Rail cars can carry between 800-1000 people at a time.
-The estimated ride time from the Kroc Center to the Stadium is 20 minutes, and once completed, from the Kroc Center to Ala Moana approximately 42 minutes.
-The full Rail system is expected to be completed (from Kroc Ctr to Ala Moana) in 2022/2023.
-The new Transit Center (near LCC) will have PV solar power to help generate electricity for their operations and maintenance in that building.
– Passengers will be allowed to bring strollers, car seats, bikes, luggage, coolers, and even surfboards under 10′ onto the rail
– The rail will have free wifi
– Wheelchairs will be allowed on the rail

For more information visit:

Photo caption: L-R, Eileen Mark (City – Mass Transit), Sandra Abelaye (City – DTS), Mark Garrity (City – DTS), Sen. Shimabukuro,
Brennon Morioka (HART), Jon Nouchi (HART), and Ryan Tam (HART).

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