Budget Highlights (HB1700 SD1)

Sen Shimabukuro 80AAloha – I’m pleased to share some highlights from the senate version of the state budget (HB1700 SD1).  Please note that HB1700 SD1 still needs to be negotiated between the House and Senate, and will be finalized by the end of session on 05/05/16. (These are not final yet, but are to give you an idea of what I hope carries through to the final edits!)

Budget Highlights from the Senate Draft of HB1700 SD1



– $3m to extend WCEAR past Helelua St.

– Farrington Hwy improvements between Honokai Hale and Hakimo Rd $500,000

– Ulehawa Stream bridge $50,000

– Kalaeloa Harbor $100m

– $37m in general funds to be transferred to Highway Fund (HB 2086)



– Expected Medicaid savings for FY16 and FY17 of $20m and $23m respectively

– Due to savings, DHS is able to fund new and existing Medicaid programs and services, such as Autism, Hep C, Adult Dental and reimbursement rates (DRI)

– Kupuna Care HB1878: $3m

– 33 positions and $1.7m for Vector Control branch in Health (for Dengue Fever, etc.)

– $2.8m for the Home and Community Based Services Waiver



– Total of $23m+ for 2017

– $17.1m in FY16 and $17.8m in FY17 in reimbursement to trust fund (admin & operating)

– Plus over $5m in fringe benefits that B&F will pay annually


DLNR/Natural resources

– 18 positions and $617k in general funds for operation of harbor facilities 6 days per week

– $1.5m in TAT funds for OCCL for beach restoration

– $1.5m in general funds for US Geographical HI Stream Study


Education (DOE)

– $30m for school air conditioning

– SB 2136/ HB 2569: $100m in GO bonds, GEM funds, etc.

– $1.5m for equipment for community colleges

– $6m for Preschool Open Doors


Higher Education
– $334m in GO/revenue bonds for deferred maintenance and backlog of projects at UH, and funding for the full capital improvement request of UH and Community Colleges
– grants UH revenue bond authority
– School of Creative Media at UHWO: the Senate recognizes the growing demand in the creative media and film industry, and the talented students graduating from high school programs such as the Searider Productions at Waianae High. By developing a creative media tech campus on the Leeward Coast, we will develop a pipeline that aligns curriculum to career.



– $35m for HPHA, $50m for Rental Housing Revolving Fund, & $33m for DURF

– $59m Affordable housing outside of Waianae eg, Alder/Iwilei, neigh isles (800+ units)

– Housing Omnibus Bill HB 2244

– Homeless Bills: SB 2559, SB 2560, SB 2569, SB 2570, HB 1774



– $107m to purchase 8,000 acres of ag land for local farmers

– Live Stock Feed Mill at Kalaeloa $4m

– Kunia Agricultural Park $10m



– still pending, last year’s amounts were: $10m GF (operating expenses) & $20m CIP


Links to more information about the state budget:

HB1700 SD1 Budget Worksheets are now posted online here:  http://www.capitol.hawaii.gov/session2016/worksheets/HB1700SD1Worksheets(Revised%20Exec).pdf

Kalaeloa Advisory Team (KAT) Updates

A note regarding the Kalaeloa Advisory Team (KAT):
The last KAT meeting was on January 28, 2016. These are developments since then:
1. The Kalaeloa Energy Corridor Project bidding process has been completed and HCDA is currently in the process of executing a contract with Paul’s Electric for the first phase of the project. As soon as the construction schedule is formalized we will request that the contractors provide a briefing for our stakeholder groups.
2. The 2016 legislative capital improvement project appropriation request for $6 million to complete the second phase of the Kalaeloa Energy Project is still making its way through the legislative process. We know that our area leaders are doing their best to secure the funding we need. We are crossing our fingers.
3. On February 26, 2016, the Honolulu Fire Department (HFD) submitted their draft project request to secure a right-of-entry from the HCDA to the City, Department of the Corporation Counsel for their review. The HFD hopes to partner with the HCDA to conduct HFD low-impact training exercises on Parcel 13073-C, Tax Map Key 9-1-013-068, which is an approximately 19-acre vacant parcel located immediately north of the Kalaeloa Heritage Park. Since this request is considered an interim use and there are no plans for any permanent development on the parcel our rules do not require a development permit or public hearing process. The HFD request for interim land use and the details about the type of training will be discussed at our next Authority meeting on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at 9:30 a.m. at our main office at 547 Queen Street.
Should you have questions regarding this information, you can contact:
Tesha H. Malama
Hawaii Community Development Authority
Kalaeloa Director of Planning and Development
547 Queen Street, Honolulu Hawaii 96813
Kalaeloa Field Office:
Department of Hawaiian Homes Land Headquarters
91-5420 Kapolei Parkway, Kapolei Hawaii 96707
Tel. (808) 620-9643
Email: tesha.malama@hawaii.gov

Available Teaching Positions at Kamaile Academy

We have a few teacher openings for next year school 2016-2017 at Kamaile Academy. Please share with anyone that you know who would be interested in applying–see link below. Mahalo.


Richard Pastor

School Counselor

Kamaile Academy


email: rpastor@kamaile.org

Hawaii Aviation Day at the Capitol




We would like to send a big MAHALO for all the support for out first Hawaii Aviation Day at the State Capitol on April 6.  We also especially want to thank Rep Aquino for hosting the General Aviation Council of Hawaii (GACH) and the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) in allowing us to have this event to showcase general aviation (GA) in Hawaii.

I have enclosed a PDF copy of the Powerpoint presentation on GA that many of you asked for copies.  Also enclosed is a photograph of the AOPA Presidential Citation to the late Sen Gil Kahele that Sen Kai Kahele accepted on behalf of his father.

We will be contacting senators and representative offices soon to arrange for tours at various airports to see GA.  We also will be working with AOPA to help establish an Aviation Caucus in Hawaii.

Our future events include a Fly In to the Hana Airport in June and an Aviation Day for our Keiki in September at the Kalaeloa Airport.  We are also actively working several aviation-related issues to resolve with the State DOT Airports Division.  We welcome your support and invite you our aviation events.

Again mahalo and me ke aloha pumehana,

Rob Moore, President

The General Aviation Council of Hawaii (GACH)