Seeking New Teacher Orientation Donations!

In our effort to welcome and support the new teachers at Wai’ anae High School, the complex is continuing the New Teacher Orientation. The New Teacher Orientation is a three day orientation where teachers learn about the Hawaii DOE system, meet the administrators and staff, and learn more about the school and culture. The orientation will also allow the school to share the vision and expectations for their individual schools. We are fortunate to be able to spend these three days with our new teachers before the year starts.

Within the three days of New Teacher Orientation we would like to do fun activities with the teachers to get them acclimated to Waianae High School. We plan to provide the teachers with binders which will include all pertinent information on teaching in Hawaii, along with sample lesson plans, data team information, content-specific material, and much more. We will also have the teachers tour the campus, obtain keys for their classroom, and meet staff members like the administrators, academic coaches, technology coordinator, Student Services Coordinator, registrar, and department heads. Another way we will support our teachers is by assisting them with setting up their classrooms and supporting their efforts to set up clear rituals and routines for their students. We want to ensure that our new teachers have the necessary materials and resources to start the new school year.

We are asking for your help in giving the best to our new teachers. Each year Wai’anae High School alone has an average of 25 new teachers. In the future, we hope to decrease the average and retain the new and current teachers. We need your help with the New Teacher Orientation and any donations will be greatly appreciated. We are asking for supplies for the binders, welcome gifts for each teacher, door prizes for the activities, or food. Please let us know by June 1, 2016 if you are able to help with our New Teacher OrientationIf you have any questions or would like to graciously donate to the program, please contact Debby Ng at 697-9400. If you would rather email, please send questions or comments to High school new Teacher orientation donations


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