West Oahu schools receive AC donation

The story below originally appeared on Hawai’i News Now:

West Oahu elementary schools receive $20K donation for air conditioning

WAIANAE, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) –

Students at two west Oahu elementary schools will no longer have to worry about hot classrooms thanks to a generous donation.

Fujitsu and Mister Pink Premium Beverages donated $20,000 worth of air conditioners to Waianae Elementary and Makaha Elementary.

“I remember watching the news last year and a lot of the teachers on the west side of the islands were asking for donations or help because a lot of these kids were dehydrated, some kids went to the hospital, some kids couldn’t breathe and they really got my attention,” said Kaui Kauhi, president of Mr. Pink Premium Beverages.

The donation comes after lawmakers agreed to set aside $100 million to cool public schools across the state.

Four of those new air conditioners will go to Waianae Elementary and 18 others will go to Makaha Elementary.

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