Contraflow Update & Town Hall Mtg Reminder

DOT Email Message Dated 9/2/16:
Thank you for your email dated August 15, 2016, to Sen. Maile Shimabukuro providing feedback on the Nanakuli Contraflow. Responses to your observations and concerns are included below. 


Yesterday, Thursday, 11 Aug 16, at 3:10 pm, driving on east bound on Farrington Highway from Princess Kahanu Avenue, attempted to make a left hand turn at Nanaikaola for a blood test at Kaiser Medical.
1. The blinking sign before Lualualei Road (McDonalds) indicted NO LEFT TURNS for the next three intersections. That is incorrect. The NO LEFT TURNS (when coned) begin at Nanaikaola not Lualualei. 
Signage has been adjusted to show that left turns are now allowed at Lualualei. Earlier there was a restriction on left turns at Lualualei due to the contraflow length. The left turn restriction at Nanaikaola from the east bound lane remains. 
2. The cones / traffic signs personnel start to be set up the cones, etc. at 3:00 pm. Thought it was advertised at 3:30 pm. This makes a difference for Kaiser patients trying to make a left hand turn before 4:00 pm. 
Contraflow set up begins off the road at 3 p.m. but no in-road cones or signs are set until 3:30 p.m. 
The following is the sequence of work the contractor follows to set up and take down the cones and signage for the contraflow lane: 
3:00 – Contractor begins installation of signs, cones, and message boards along the Makai shoulder of Farrington Hwy. Contractor will pull off the road at each sign and message board location to set up. During this time the truck’s flashers are on as he pulls off the road and when he re-enters traffic. Motorists far behind this truck may mistakenly perceive this as the contractor setting up the contraflow cones in the roadway. 
3:30 – Contractor begins placing the contraflow cones to start the taper before Nanaikeola. At the end of the taper (approximately 250 feet), cones are set to delineate the contraflow lane and continue to just before Piliokahi. Just before Piliokahi the cones begin tapering back and closing. As the contractors are setting the cones, the coned length of the contraflow lane immediately becomes available to the motorists to use. Once we start placing cones, the left turns from the east bound lane within the contraflow are disabled.
3:50 – Delineation of the contraflow lane is complete. 
6:30 – Cones and signs for the contraflow lane are removed in reverse order starting at Piliokahi and the east bound left turn arrows at Nanakuli, Haleakala, Helelua, and Nanaikeola are re-enabled. 
~7:00 – All lanes are returned to normal. 
3. The traffic light at Nanaikaola did not indicate an arrow to make a left hand turn. Incoming traffic to Waianae charged forward. Only when they could not go any further, was I able to make my left hand turn into Kaiser Medical. NOTE the time was 3:10 pm and the contraflow was not to start until 4:00 pm. Also the area was not coned. Either someone jumped the gun and ‘messed with the turn arrow or it was malfunctioning’.
Realize that this change is in its infancy — but let’s get it right. 
There are no sensors at the Nanaikeola intersection. The traffic light control at Nanaikeola was programmed to disable the left turn arrow between 3:30 p.m. to 7 p.m. The traffic lights at this intersection have experienced timing problems before and the reprogramming for contraflow lane may have contributed to the problem. We will fix the issue. 


Thank you for sharing your experiences with the Nanakuli Contraflow. We appreciate the community’s patience and understanding as we work together towards improving the Westside commute 


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